Meet Our Newest Assistant Manager

A promotion is always exciting, but at the same time, one can find themselves nervous for the new role.  Recently, Shane was promoted to Assistant Management at Benevolus.  Nervous is one thing he is not.  Shane has been successfully doing the duties of his role even before officially stepping into his new position.

shane-benevolusStarting in November of 2013, Shane was a recent graduate of Shippensburg University and had just completed an internship for an Architecture and Engineering firm.  He was initially attracted to Benevolus because of the people.  During his interview, he saw the energy and quickly realized the endless growth potential.

Growing up, Shane was always inspired by his family.  His father, working for the same company for over thirty-five years, moved his way up the corporate ladder, while his mother worked as a Speech Therapist for individuals with brain damage.  He admired both for getting up every day, staying positive, and helping those around them.  Helping others is a value that was instilled in Shane at a very early age and he found he was able to do that at Benevolus in more ways than one.  He is able to help develop others, personally and professionally, and help them achieve their goals.

What does this promotion mean to Shane?  He says, “I’m just getting started.  This promotion is like being the 6th man on the basketball team.  I get playing time, but I’m not on the starting five yet.  I want to continue breaking records and this promotion is just a stepping stone for that.  For my team, continue to work hard, maintain our integrity, and we will all hit our goals together.”

A book that he recommends is Leaders Eat Last, by Simon Sinek.  It taught me the power of empathy and how important it was to put others before myself.shane-dave-benevolus

When asked to give advice to the team, Shane suggested to “be the best student and ask quality questions.  Attack your goals and never wait for anyone.  If you want something in this world, you need to take it. T here are no overnight successes.  Get around the right people that you aspire to be.”

“A warrior carries helmet and breastplate for his own protection, but his shield for the safety of the whole line”.

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