Should We Hang Out Together? It’s Good For Business

People often wonder if hanging out with co-workers outside of work is a good idea.  While some may argue that it blurs lines or is a bad idea, Benevolus would disagree.  At Benevolus the culture is one of teamwork and collaboration. It has been developed through co-workers having strong bonds and sharing fond memories.  When asked why they encourage employees to get together outside of the office, Benevolus had 3 great reasons as to why outside of the office interactions benefit the company culture.

 1.  A Team EnvironmentIMG_4297

Employees that know each other outside of work generally work harder.  The bond they share brings them together as a community focused on group success.  When we shift from an “I” to a “We” mentality, we tend to hit goals together at a faster pace.  In turn, staff members hit personal goals together as well.

2.  Having Friends at Work Makes People Happy

A main contributor to happiness of employees is having a best friend at work.  A close-knit group is important when it comes to creating a great company culture.  Who wants to come to a place daily where they don’t like the people?

3.  A Culture of Connectivity

Culture isn’t only built within the four walls of the company.  Enjoying spending time with co-workers makes work more enjoyable, which leads to more effort.  If we know about someone’s personal life, we are able to help them in their professional ones.

If you aren’t getting to know your co-workers you are missing out on a great resource to improve your job satisfaction.  Grab drinks at a happy hour, go to a yoga class, watch Sunday night football together (Go Eagles!).  Whatever you prefer..start getting to know the people you are working with!

To learn more about the culture at Benevolus, see our team page on Pinterest.


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