The Benefits of a Small Team

Benevolus is a firm that thrives on the development of our team, professionally and personally.
Here, our CEO discusses the benefits of working in small teams and its effects on productivity.

1. Accountability & Visibility – In a small team, everything you do is visible. It is not hard to see how much preparation you put in, how hard you are working, or how on-point you are in general. Thus, it forces you to be accountable for all of your actions, behaviors and thus, results. When you’re forced to be on your game constantly it becomes a habit, and suddenly your game is elevated.  We are also able to see and recognize the employees making strides and the ones not setting the pace and adjust our actions accordingly.

2. Clarity for growth – Any message you deliver does not have to travel very far to reach every member of the team. Whether you are vocalizing goals, values, or your mission, everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the team’s vision, and the message becomes consistent. As the team grows, that message is passed down with ideal clarity.

3. Access to knowledge and coaching – In small teams, there is more time to go around.  Time is a managers most valuable asset.  With a smaller team, he/she is able to network more, offer coaching, and deliver messages in one on one settings.  Resources, whether in the form of responsibility or coaching and knowledge, are not always found in limitless quantity. In a smaller team, the opportunity to sieze these resources is available to anyone that who seeks it out. The only limitation on one’s ability to learn or do more is their own student mentality and ambition.

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4. Support – In a tight knit group, everyone knows the value and important of the person next to them. Success is a team effort, not an individual one. When you’re a core part of a small team, you know you will have the support and help of the rest of the group. They know, just as you should, that helping one person helps the entire group. So, in a small team you win together; the only way to fail is alone.

5. Energy – Your energy matters. All great business people, entrepreneurs, and successful people in general know that if you want to do well, you need to be able to control your energy and turn it “on” whenever it’s needed. In a small team, your energy represents a sizable portion of the overall energy of the group. If you want to be a valuable contributor, you’ll need to be on your A-game every day. This practice will train you to always dictate the energy of the room you’re in and not allow it to be the other way around.

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